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Age:389 human years but looks about 35
Weight:156 lbs.
Eye color:brown
Appearance:fairly hansom, about 6ft. tall, doesn't have very large muscles, average build, almost rather dark complected, and wears a brown robe.
Outward attitude:pretty much friendly but isn't very social around other people. Has only been seen by other people a few times in the last hundred years.
Inward Nature:caring
Weapons:one average lengthed sword that he usually never takes out of his house, and a wooden staff he almost never departs with.
Abilities:achieved the alchemic goal but doesn't use it, martial arts, can control the four elements, illusions, telepathy, and telekenisis, healing, can sense life, with telekenisis he can create a shield, or force field you might say, around him that will become weaker as he gets hit each time. It usually can last about an hour and a half to two hours.
Spells:animal summoning (he can have animals obey him for short periods of time, about an hour) Breath of life
Creatures/Pets/Familiars:panther, wolf, small bird, snake, and a mother and baby deer.
Special Notes:This genius is very intelligent in sourcery, alchemy, philosophy, medicine, biology, physics, and chemistry. He also knows a great deal in other subjects, but those are what he specializes in. He lives with his animals. It is not completely clear where exactly, but it is believed that his cabin is somewhere around the Fantasy Lake. He is constantly discovering new things with experimentation, observation, and deep thinking, and he's a quick learner.
His parents were killed by soldiers when they were advisors and respected teachers. He was too young then to remember details. They were magickal as himself.
A guard took him to find his grandfather. When he got ahead of the guard while running through woods. The guard was shot by three arrows.
He found his way to his grandfather's mannor along the Silver River where he started on his path as a wizard by himself. Other than the subjects already listed, he also was taught martial arts by him. After he moved out to live in peace with the Gem Forest. He managed to hide in the Azidrahn Desert until after the fall of Fantasy with his pets. He could no longer go back to the forest with his animals, so he left and has been living in his small log cabin by the Fantasy Lake.
He is very distant from people. He is happy with his animals and has survived by himself off the land for 200 and 39 years content and happy.

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