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Yahoo Clubs in Fantasy Gathering

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Fantasy Gathering

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FG Clubs FAQ

Each club picture will take you to the Yahoo! Club that is associated with it. If the Club Title has a link, It will take you to the homepage that was made for the club and if the Founder has a link, It will take you to his/her personal homepage wether it is or isn't about the club.

Fantasy Gathering Club Title: Fantasy Gathering
Founder: Blue Green Gem (Blue_Green_Gem)

This is the main club that has started it all for 2 years now, Now with over 1,000 members and a long past. This club is free-form and you can do anything you like. You can choose any kind of character you want but don't go overboard because other players simply may not accept what you have created. There is a lot of history here from fighting to marriages. If you have any questions, Feel free to ask and other players will be more than happy to help you.

Fantasy Gathering

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Fantasy Gathering

* - List Below of Fantasy Gathering Yahoo! Clubs with more Information - *
Keep in mind that this is not the entire listing of clubs, This is just a listing of founders who gave us more information about their club to post. Your club *must* be in the Fantasy Gathering category in order to be listed here because we're trying to promote those clubs. If you want your club listed here, Please head to the OOC Oubliette and give Gem (Blue_Green_Gem) the information he needs in order to add you. Thank you.

Cobrynn: The Underwater City Club Title: Cobrynn
Founder: Blue Green Gem (Blue_Green_Gem)

Ever wonder what is further than Scarlet Crescent Shore? When you take a ship and sail a good distance out, There you will find beneath you is Cobrynn. Cobrynn is The Underwater City. If you are a land-based creature, You must use transportation that can withstand water pressure when you travel to the city. All creatures of the water can travel without needing anything special. Who knows what you will discover down there...

Destiny's Designs Club Title: Destiny's Designs
Founder: Mistress Nissandra (Mistress_Nissandra)

As ye dreams take flight, go back in time with these warriors, mages, ladies and lords, become what ye are not and pray to ye Gods, that ye live to tell the tales to ye children...Come now to Destiny's Designs and find your hearts longing desires unleashed....This board is a bit rougher than most and was made to use a bit higher magicks. This part of the realm is unexplored and wild as of yet.

Fantasy Graveyard Club Title: Fantasy Graveyard
Founder: Thieffrey (thiefofgraves)

Unfortunately, Many characters have died. You can have your friends and family buried here where you and others can continue to pay your respects to the dead. If you have a character that has died and you want it registered, Please contact DarkMistress. Please remove "nospam" from e-mail before sending.

Four Winds Crossing Club Title: Four Winds Crossing
Founder: Blue Green Gem (Blue_Green_Gem) & Cephilia Gainan (cephilia_gainan)

When Travellers come to The Clearing and even enter the CrossRoads Tavern and Inn, Some find themselves wanting to stay. Several buildings are popping up and before they knew it, Gem and Cephilia decided to buy all the land around the Tavern and Inn. They are selling the land to certain people and if you wish to buy these lands, You must approach one of them and work out a deal to buy some from them. Anything can be built on your lands. From a home for your family and even a business to make money.

Moonli's Temple Club Title: Moonli's Temple
Founder: Moonli (goddess_moonli)

There is an old and frightening history that occured on the lands before Fantasy Gathering ever bloomed into existance. My temple has not yet been unearthed but it will soon one day with a gift that could bring the end of Fantasy Gathering because of an angry god. ***RPG is not in effect yet.

Moonlit Castle Club Title: Moonlit Castle
Founder: Mistress Nissandra (Mistress_Nissandra)

Within the nigh' on the beach ye can see, as the moon should rise into the nigh' sky, the magestic golden castle, it would riseth from the sand before ye very eye. Welcome to Moonlit Castle.

Neo-Eden Club Title: Neo-Eden
Founder: Adrian Edaline (adrian_edaline) & Scarlet Masques (scarlet_masques)

Welcome to a place of vast beauty, not just the scenery, but the people are simply "Beautiful". ***Only an invite will get you into this dimension. This realm is, in reality, sealed and only one of the 13 members can get you into this realm.

OOC Oubliette Club Title: OOC Oubliette
Founder: Oubliette Keeper (oubliette_keeper)

OOC means "Out of Character", IC means "In Character". Many players may go into an OOC discussion and without realizing it, can confuse other players while they're trying to play. And we've all seen OOC fights erupt during an IC battle. To minimize confusion and to keep the boards cleaner, The OOC Oubliette was created for founders to point and say, "Take your OOC posts over there." Founders can have their club added to the list so that others can know what clubs the OOC Oubliette are for.

Order of the Blue Rose Club Title: Order of the Blue Rose
Founder: Lewkis Nimon (guardian_of_the_legends)

In the deep woods, After you brave the angry spirits of the restless, You will find an abandoned building. All windows have been boarded and the doors' locks have rusted. There is one old man who guards that place. There is a dark tale resting on his lips about a curse left by a beautiful woman who's gift was the blue rose. ***RPG is not in effect yet.

Realm of the Fallen Club Title: Realm of the Fallen
Founder: Mistress Nissandra (Mistress_Nissandra)

Welcome one and all to the Realm of The Fallen, where all are welcome here, Angels, Demons, Elves, Humans and Dragons... All species... This is home to many here. It is a realm of magick, A realm of mystery, A realm of imagination and a realm with so much more. Join us now and let your dreams fly free...

Scarlet Crescent Shore Club Title: Scarlet Crescent Shore
Founder: Blue Green Gem (Blue_Green_Gem)

There is a lake at The Clearing and when you follow the river that leaves the lake, You'll eventually come across a beach with red-tinted waters caused by the beautiful daily sunsets. The land formation also causes the water to take the shape of a crescent and hence how the place has got its full name. People can vacation here as well as take up a place to live.

Tainted Cathedral Club Title: Tainted Cathedral
Founder: Gideon Faust (gideon_faust) & Carissa Faust (carissa_faust)

On the edge of The Dark Enchanted Forest lies a Cathedral...tainted it is said...for "The Dark Chylde" and his bride dwell you dare venture there? Do you dare knock upon their door?

Temple of the Mages Club Title: Temple of the Mages
Founder: Mistress Nissandra (Mistress_Nissandra)

Welcome ye to the Temple of The Mages, here ye will be trained in the many skills of the mages both light and dark may enter here as we have a wide variety of powers to choose and learn from. Have fun, blessed be and be good to each other... The DarkMistress...

The CrossRoads Tavern and Inn Club Title: The CrossRoads Tavern and Inn
Founder: Blue Green Gem (Blue_Green_Gem) & Cephilia Gainan (cephilia_gainan)

Near the clearing but still a distance off, partly hidden by the trees, sit a very old Tavern and Inn. Travellers can arrive there and order a meal and ale, and rent a room to rest their heels, all in one location. The Tavern has been enchanted to undo any damage that may have been caused during a bar-brawl or something unusual like a patron shifting to a large amethyst dragon out of defense. Gem owns the Inn but out of love, trust, and wanting to run the place with his family, He's given his daughter, Cephilia, the Tavern.

The Dark Enchanted Forest Club Title: The Dark Enchanted Forest
Founder: Mistress Nissandra (Mistress_Nissandra)

This forest covers hundreds upon hundreds of miles, it is enchanted by the fae. You may believe you know the forest.... but it is ever changing and you become easily lost. There are many a predator here, magick flies free. Many a beast and creature dwells here. Welcome all to The Dark Enchanted Forest. May your journey... be blessed....

Twilight Knowledge Club Title: Twilight Knowledge
Founder: Nickolas Ravenwing (nick_ravenwing)

Next to The Clearing, You will see a building approximately two stories tall and circular in shape with a large domed roof. This is a comprehensive library, forever being added with more information about this realm and many other realms. If you have works that you would like to submit to this library, good or evil, Nickolas Ravenwing will not turn it away unless he has proper reason to do so.