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Board: Fantasy Gathering
The Moonlit Castle
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A Castle of gold with Skylights throughout to capture the rising "moons" In Front of an Ocean of blue surrounded by a Marshy swampland and Enchanted Forest.

Note: You must enter the gates from the Beach and cannot enter the castle unless DarkMistress or the new appointed, Chatalaine Sotana, is there to let you in. More information inside.

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1 of 3 ... Welcome....
From: TheDarkMistress
Date: May 22 1999

Greetings all and Welcome to Moonlit Castle
I am Empress Nissandra Xternal, The DarkMistress. Welcome to my home. Pull up a chair and get comfy. Come on in and have a bit of tea and a little fun.

Please Note:
Moonlit Rules:
1. Weapons are left at the gate with the guard. They will be returned to you if trouble should arise or upon your departure. Should trouble arise they will appear at your side no questions asked. (I like a good role play from time to time so the rules can change.)
2. No fighting. Please respect others around you. We are a peaceful family with lil ones all around. Respect the environment around you. Torch my woods. I torch your tush.
3. Family can enter at will for they bear the amulet allowing the access and most friends. If you do not bear an amulet given by me and I have all names of those that do the gates will not open and your actions therein null and void.
4. If you bear no amulet you must enter with Myself, or a family member bearing the amulet. There are no exceptions to this rule.
5. My other realms include and must be entered in this order. Moonlit Castle, Enchanted Forest of Moonlit Castle, Alexandria. We will also have the Graveyard behind Moonlit opened again if the need should arise. I will not open it unless needed. Rules for each Realm will be posted within the Realm as we open each one. There will be Realms added within Alexandria as we go along.

Thank you all for your cooperation. Farewell for now. Safe jouneys. May you chase those dreams you dream each night and mayhap one day you will catch that dragon or unicorn.

The DarkMistress

2 of 3 ... :Wanders down the stairs and down
From: MistressNissandra
Date: Sep 30 1999

into my drawing room opening the window and sitting at my window seat watching the rising sun sipping my tea:

3 of 3 ... -Hidoshi comes to the door of Moonlit Castle, knocking on the great door-
From: The-Shrine
Date: Nov 10 1999

-waits patiently by the door and lights his cob pipe, blowing some smoke rings and enjoying the smell of Dwarven tabacco-

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