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Wedding page
Talon Darklighter & Zephyr Xternal

Couple: Talon Darklighter and Zephyr Xternal
Date: 12/21/99
Location of Wedding: Fantasy Gathering (Posts #49686 to #49907)

Message 49792 - Talon: "This night have we gathered to celebrate the joining of our beloved couple, Lord Talon Laerderon Darklighter and his chosen Zephyr-Xternal, Mistress of Shadowlight. In our arms and our graces we hold the hopes of the future, in their hearts, they hold the dreams granted by those hopes. If there are any within this crowd that would voice objection to their joining, speak now, lest their words be held forever in peace."
Message 49817 - Talon: "From the dawn of time, we have joined one by one to create new life and death, light and darkness, time eternal. Within the Eye of Fate, be it now realized that these two have come together as mates and bonds... with their next spoken words be they bonded in mind, body, and soul, eternally."

*Calais looks at Talon, speaking smoothly* "Talon Laerderon Darklighter, do you take this woman as thy own, to cherish, honor, and to love, to comfort in times of sickness and in health, to hold her in times of need and times of joy, to call your wife and mate of mates?"

*Talon nods* I do most certainly, aye. *smiles warmly, gazing deeply into Zephyr's eyes as the woman turns to Zephyr, repeating to her the words she spoke to Talon*
Message 49818 - Zephyr: *Zephyr lovingly gazes into Talon's eyes, speaking in an unwavering voice, full of the love she holds for him* I do, always shall I, to the ends of time.
Message 49819 - Talon: *the woman nods and smiles, the lace taking on a soft glow, slipping along their arms and fading away with a soft shimmer*

*as the lace fades, so do the cases and the velvet, revealing two elvish crowns of beautiful silver and gold, gemstones of emerald and sapphire adorning both, shining brightly in the moonlight, a king's crown and a queen's beside it*
"Whispers in the moonlight bring Destiny to truth... now they are wed, no longer are they two."

*smiles, the crowns both floating up, Talon's in Zephyr's hands and hers in his, his voice whispering to them all and to her eyes especially* My queen, I have long awaited this day... Altreas now once more has a queen to sit beside her lonely king and from this point on, his loneliness for a mate is null. May our kingdom prosper under our government. *smiles, gently placing the crown upon her head, kissing her forehead tenderly, then draws back, awaiting her to place his upon him*
Message 49829 - Zephyr: *takes the crown into her hands, her eyes still locked with Talon's, tiny tremors running through her body as she tries to conceal them, the crescent upon her forehead shimmering pale gold as he places the crown* Centuries fled, all my life I've searched for something I had been missing, and found within you, the other half of my existance, that which fully completes me. To you alone I speak these words of truth, from my heart, Talon Laerderon Darklighter, my husband.

Winds of warmth embrace mine love
Souls completed when joined, never torn assunder

Within you wings, I find my shelter
Within your heart, my protection

Entwined our souls, our love eternal
Forever yours, Cael'istan (my mate of souls)

*she places the crown upon his head, leaning in to kiss his crescent, lovingly brushing her lips against his skin, a tear of complete joy sliding down her cheek*

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